Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lake Manyara

Jambo!!!  (Welcome in Swahli)

I've had spotty internet since I got here, but have finally gotten in!  Yesterday was the first Game Drive and we saw some beautiful animals!  Baboons, Blue Monkeys, a glimpse of Elephant, but mostly Elephant Butt!!! The kewlest part is that we got the most illusive of the Big Five, the only one I didn't get on the first trip... The Leopard!!!  Davis, our awsome driver, spotted him and got us in a location to the the shot!!!  We love our group.  Along with Davis, we have Robert Marks Moshi (our main guide), Chris Panek (CZS) and Bill Ziegler (also CZS) who rotate in the 3 cars acting as guides.  My fellow tripmates in the car are Marge, Marilyn and Jay!  Robert says we are the "Fun" car!!!  We think so and sure are having a great time!!!

Davis's Leopard!!!

As I've been having trouble getting on, I'm going to keep this short today and try to post more pics from Ngorongoro, where we will be for 2 nights.

Having a fabulous time! 

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