Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jambo from Ngorongoro!!!!

Jambo Everyone!!!

Today was a busy day with a visit to a local shop (so dangerous! LOL)  Then off to a local Farm for lunch and a tour of the farm.  There was a beautiful view that was so very relaxing.... I could have stayed there for hours!  Then off to a little village home where we learned how the women carry water back to the homes from the local water hole... how they make wedding clothes and how they lived in the past and now. Very interesting stuff.

When we left that area it was of to the Ngorongoro Crater.  Wow, what a breathtaking view!!!  It was amazing and knowing we are going down in the crater tomorrow on a game drive (including lunch) will be even better!  Animals are everywhere down there!  One of my car buddies, Jay, spotted Elephants already from up on the Crater Rim!!!  This is going to be an awesome day of viewing!!!  

The lodge we are at is in a Cave Theme and is so perfect for the scenes surrounding us.  Our room (Kelsey is my roommate for the trip, if I hadn't mentioned that) is on the lower level, over looking the crater.  We are told that animals like Elephants wander around the grounds regularly and may drop by our patio at any time!  At night they advise you stay within the covered pathways and don't leave your patio doors open.  We plan to leave the curtain open though, as the view is spectacular and we agree we wouldn't mind waking to an Elephant or other animal "in our front yard" so to speak!

Tomorrow we will leave for a game drive at 8:30, you will be sleeping as it's 12:30 your time, and go down into the Crater for the day.  We are having a picnic lunch in the crater so we can make the most of the drive and hopefully see many animals! The view from above is awesome, but I want the more up close and personal down in the crater!!!  My lenses are good, but not good enough to get the details I want from my animal shot when above.  

There is so much more I want to share but it's after 11pm here, so I need sleep!  I will try to post this tomorrow, and add more by tomorrow night.  Until then Asante Sana (thanks much) and have a wonderful day! 

Love and miss you all!  Having a heavenly time!!!!

(PS) No Ampulski, You can not have a laptop, I-Phone, I-pad, or a Silverado!!!  :-D 

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