Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Leg of Trip

Today was a hectic day... got up at 5 with a whole 3 hrs sleep.  I just wanted to be sure I was ready.  Took Amanda to the bus and hugged the stuffing out of her!  It feels so nice when she says she will miss me and that she wish's I wasn't leaving.  I miss the little stinker already!!! 

From there Steve & I got the balance of the stuff together, which included a big duffel bag full of books to donate upon arival in Tanzania.  Amanda donated a majority of them along with her friends Dylan, Jianna and Marie (The Bus Stop Group) and Mrs Blodsoe (one of her fav teachers).  I had to have help getting the big old bag to the hotel tonight and back in the morning.

So tonight I'm in Washington, 6am wakeup and off to the airport again and headed to Ethiopia.  It's a 12.5 hr flight, 3 hr layover and they a 3 hour hop to Tanzania.  The long leg is on a Dream Liner so we'll see how that flight goes.  Todays was ok, a bit turbulant, but ok.  It did leave about 45 minutes late due to problems with the luggage systems and the need to have all baggage hand scanned/dog inspecteed.  Made for a long, long wait at O'Hare.  I'll let you know some time tomorrow how the rest went.

I am really glad I'm going back to Africa!!!  Yet I miss Steve and Amanda and everyone else already.  It feels wierd not tucking in Amanda!  And I'm not sure how I'll sleep without my Ony cuddled up against me.  Onyx is so my little luv!  I'm so pathetic!!!

Everyone in the group is great!  I met the first few people in line at the airport attempting to check in, Art and Fran.  It was great getting to chat with them at least while we waited.  Then were seated with Kelsey and her parents, Cindy & Bill.  Then when we all got to the hotel we headed to Longhorn Steakhouse for a dinner on the CZS!  Great food!  I think we will have a great time and I really hope I get some great shots!!!  I got 4 of the Big Five last trip so all I need is my Leopard this time!!! But I'd love to get all Five again!!!!  Yeah, I know, I'm being greedy! 

Well, guess I'll try to get some sleep.  If I can't I guess I see if the gym is open all night and go work out,  then I'll be tired enough to sleep a good part of the flight. 


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