Sunday, April 21, 2013

One Month And Counting!!!

May 21st I head to Africa!!! I'm so excited to be going back.  I'm also nervous too!  This time I'm leaving my husband and bonus-kid behind.  I really will miss them so very much!  Every night I tuck Amanda in and in the morning after the usual crabbiness, go to the bus stop with her.  And Steve, well, we are together at work and at home.  I couldn't do it like mom and dad, constantly in the same office, at least I'm office and he's shop... just see each other when he comes in for coffee, lunch, etc. or when I go out in the shop in general.  And this time it's Grindal too!  I'm owner now, not just manager.  It does make a difference.  I trust the our Grindal Family completely!!!  But I do like to be available, be informed on what is going on, and of course, to make decisions.  I will be via e-mail and regular calls to the team.  Steve, I'll talk to daily (not sure of the time yet, have to re-figure the difference.

For the trip... we will be frying from here to Washington, and from there to Tanzania.  I have all my paperwork, but I need to get my Malaria pills.  I will be calling the Dr. tomorrow, get a physical and then the pill prescription.   All my shots are up to date for another 4 years or so.  Then there's the packing list.  I'm limited to 33 lbs for the last let of the trip.  Ughhh... camera's alone will but me tight.  I have to get some clothes since I have little summer / safari appropriate clothes that currently fit!  The best part, they are all way too big!!!  Heheheheee!!!

I also have to plan how I'll keep my exercise up while I'm there.  I can see myself now doing crunches daily and planks.  I'm rooming with Kelsy Z., and she's 20 something... she'll probably think I'm crazy!  Well, ok, she'd be right!  So, we'll see.

I'm planning on blogging nightly and I'll upload some select pics.  Then when I get home I'll do a detailed blog giving you all a feeling of what it is like in Africa!  I won't be using my standard e-mail while I'm there to limit the amount of crap I have to go through.  So if you need to reach me you'll have to contact the shop and they will send me a note. 

So... that's where I'm at tonight. 

Night all!
Luv ya!

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